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PLEMS Education is a not-for-profit (*) liberal education initiative, established by IRED Institute of Education (hereinafter IRED Institute), to develop
Self-Leadership for students to be
 competent global citizens.

IRED Institute works with schools and educational institutions by providing PLEMS courses for students and teacher training for sustainable implementation.

PLEMS Education includes SUBJECTS essential to all students from diverse contextsnamely

  • Philosophy
  • Self-Leadership 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mindfulness
  • Social-Emotional Learning


PLEMS Education consists of 3 VERSIONS for 3 school levels: 

  • PLEMS for Kids (for elementary schools)
  • PLEMS for Teens (for junior high schools)
  • PLEMS for Teens (for senior high schools)


The subjects are designed based on internationally acclaimed scientific research and models. They are also embedded with the “Three-Way Human” educational philosophy of IRED Institute: “Human Way/ Humanity, Home Way/Communality and My Way/ Individuality are characteristics of a free human being and the free human being is the goal of liberal education”.

(*): “Not-for-profit” is understood as not aiming for financial benefits; our fees (if any) are to cover operating costs and support underprivileged schools.

IRED Institute of Education (IRED Institute) is an independent education organization, with various activities in many forms, in order to contribute to promoting the formation and development of Liberal Education in Vietnam. The main activities of IRED Institute range from Researching, Training, Publishing to Seminars. In addition, IRED Institute is the co-founder and executive of not-for-profit (*) educational projects: IPL Scholarship, Good Book Project, Good Book Award and OpenEdu Initiative. 

In Training, IRED Institute collaborates with domestic and international experts to research, design, and implement pioneering training programs in Vietnam for school leaders, lecturers, teachers, parents, and students. The training programs include: 

Research Methods in Social Sciences (for lecturers); 

TeacherMindset (for teachers); 

ParentMindset (for parents); 

School Leadership & Management (for school leaders); 

PLEMS Self-Leadership Education (for students).

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