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IRED Institute of Education (IRED Institute) is an independent education organization, with various activities in many forms, in order to contribute to promoting the formation and development of Liberal Education in Vietnam. The main activities of IRED Institute include Researching, Training, Publishing, and Seminars. In addition, IRED Institute co-founded and manages not-for-profit (*) educational projects: IPL Scholarships, Good Book Project, Good Books Awards and OpenEdu Initiative. Among training activities, IRED Institute established PLEMS Education, a not-for-profit LIBERAL EDUCATION initiative to develop GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP for students to be competent global citizens.

(*): “Not-for-profit” is understood as not aiming for financial benefits; our fees (if any) are to cover operating costs and support underprivileged schools.



IRED Institute goals are to conduct educational activities in order to promote the liberal education and nurture the path of self-enlightenment of each individual to be free human beings.



To become an internationally prestigious educational institution that contributes to liberal education and spirit of self-enlightenment in Vietnam.



Non-governmental organization (NGO) - IRED Institute is an NGO, non-partisan and functions within the legal systems in Vietnam and internationally.

Independence organization - IRED Institute provides clear, thoughtful, accurate, and independent analysis on vital education issues.  IRED Institute will hold itself accountable as the foremost education research and training institute through conducting evidence-based research and pursuing an open-minded inquiry that is inclusive of diverse points of views.

Collaboration - As an independent education organization, IRED Institute also seeks to partner and collaborate with local and international institutions, such as private companies, governmental organizations, NGOs, the civil society, as well as educators in Vietnam to achieve its institutional mission and goals. IRED Institute strives to be a leading force in education by gathering the best minds in the field - locally and internationally - so that a balanced and informed discourse can be created around education issues in Vietnam.

Advanced education - All of IRED Institute's activities focus on the institute's mission to reform and transform the education in Vietnam and other countries towards an advanced and enlightened society through education.



I - Integrity

Integrity underlies every practice and function of IRED Institute. Every staff adheres to moral and ethical principles so that the organization as a whole performs and serves its mission with the upmost honesty.


R - Respect

Respect for the diversity of ideas and opinions and for working with different people is critical to the professionalism that IRED Institute upholds.


E - Excellence

IRED Institute sets high standards in the quality of our work. The IRED team pursues excellence through our unwavering commitment to conducting rigorous scientific research and delivering quality training programs and other activities.


D - Dedication

IRED Institute is a mission-driven and customer-oriented organization. IRED team works hard and is dedicated to serving education leaders, administrators, and teachers. Furthermore, the IRED team takes personal stake in their organization’s growth and performance.  They ensure that IRED Institute’s values are maintained and its mission is achieved.


Why IRED Institute?

Education has always been an important part of Vietnamese society. A high respect for teachers and learning stretches from the north to south of the country where education is valued as a vehicle for social mobility and advancement. In the past several decades, Vietnam has made changes that have achieved important results in education. However, parents, teachers, students, the government, and the general public, have grown discontent with the current educational landscape, particularly the quality of education. To address pressing education issues, education reform is critically needed to improve and change the status quo of Vietnam’s education. Moreover, any successful education system requires long-term, effective development strategies that are based on a strong foundation of scientific and accurate research. Recognizing the crucial role of research in improving education in Vietnam, IRED Institute (IRED Institute of Education as its previous name) was established to actively contribute to the discourse of education reform, particularly through research. By opening up dialogue amongst education researchers, experts, educators and policymakers in Vietnam and abroad, IRED Institute aims to develop their capacity, strengthen the education system, and propel positive change in society.

By conducting research on the most pressing education issues, IRED Institute strives to be a knowledge-generating institute that brings together the country’s intellectuals and international experts to inform educators and policy makers to provide students with a higher quality of education.

IRED Institute also seeks to create a home to Vietnamese researchers, scholars, and practitioners dedicated to educating the next generation of Vietnam’s educators and students. IRED Institute believes that improving and transforming the Vietnamese education system requires committed collaboration amongst schools, local and international institutions, NGOs, private and public sectors. Subsequently, IRED Institute works to connect diverse stakeholders and leverage the existing resources and knowledge to innovate and create solutions to Vietnam’s education issues. Ultimately, IRED Institute’s work aims to benefit students in Vietnam through quality education that will contribute to their livelihood and help shape the country’s socio-economic progress.

Viện Giáo Dục IRED (gọi tắt là "Viện IRED") là một tổ chức giáo dục độc lập hoạt động vì một nền giáo dục khai minh. Hoạt động của Viện IRED bao gồm: Nghiên cứu, Đào tạo, Xuất bản, Hội thảo và Dự án. 

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