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Ho Chi Minh City – On January 23 and 24, 2021 - the course “Philosophy for Teens” at PLEMS Education (established by IRED Institute of Education) received positive feedback from its participants. 

When thinking of Philosophy, many people will feel hesitated about this hard subject. Is it accessible and necessary in our daily life?  After 2 full days of attending “Philosophy for Teens” at PLEMS Education, senior high school students absolutely changed their stereotypes of the subject. 


Students played the warm-up game “Thinking tools” and presented their favourite philosophical questions

Engaging in the course, the students acquainted themselves with practicing Philosophy, thus forming four types of the 21st century thinking, namely: Independent thinking, Creative thinking, Cooperative thinking, and Empathetic thinking. They were encouraged to raise and discuss important questions to them, collaboratively find out justified answers, learn to argue persuasively, listen to diverse viewpoints, and respect each other’ ideas.   

Especially in this course, they went on a field trip to a contemporary art center, The Factory, to explore the concepts of beauty – art – identity through vivid display. 

The field trip at the contemporary art center – THE FACTORY

The students started this course with both curiosity and doubt, yet they ended it with clear thoughts about the necessity of Philosophy for themselves. 

Nguyen Tra My, a student at Nang Khieu High School, shared sincerely, “I thought Philosophy was such a dry subject talking about unreal things that ordinary people like me could hardly understand. However, after taking part in this course, I realize that Philosophy is all about the questions around us; it is a base for everything. Now I feel Philosophy is very close and always around me.”

Phan Dinh Tri, a student at Nguyen Du High School, was excited about his positive change, “After the course, my perception has improved a lot. I can look at things in many different ways, so I feel empathetic with others instead of hating them when their opinions are opposing to mine like before.” 

Tran Khanh An, a student at Vinshool, commented: “When I propose my ideas at school,  nobody argues with me most of the time; so my knowledge is limited. But in this course, my friends argued with me and made me see my shortcomings. I am thankful to this course for giving me new ideas and creating a friendly and constructive environment to help each other better.” 

Tran Linh Thuc Uyen, a student at Saigon International College, eagerly remarked, “I love the classroom environment. Everybody talked, discussed, and thought together. I am inspired to encourage my schoolmates to join a thinking activity like this.”

Huynh Son Nhat Tan, another student at Nguyen Du High School, suggested, “I think teens should learn Philosophy as soon as possible. It helps you increase your confidence; moreover, it is a way to find your own voice.” 

Philosophy for Teens” is not only an extra-curricular subject to help teens study other disciplines better, but it also provides an essential foundation for them to succeed in future career and discover a meaningful life. 

PLEMS Education adopts “Philosophy for Children” (P4C) approach founded by Prof. Mathew Lipman at Montclair University, United Stated and now exercised globally. The approach is later developed by The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children,  of which IRED Institute is a member. P4C is recognized by UNESCO as a contribution to the development of global citizens. 

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