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Senior high school students always carry many worries about themselves, their future career, and life. After the 2-day “Self-Leadership for Teens” course at PLEMS Education, the students underwent positive changes of knowing how to overcome their bewilderment and challenges at this milestone to “be the person they want and lead the life they dream”. 

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Playing warm-up games to break the ice and share expectations about the course

Participating in the course, the students had opportunities to define some basic concepts about life and learning such as success and happiness to find the true meanings and directions for their actions.

They were encouraged to discuss, ask questions and present ideas with openness, thoughtfulness and respect. They also explored the “Life Management” model with five components: Self-enlightening, Finding oneself, Creating oneself, Living true to oneself, and Keeping oneself unchanged. 

Accordingly, the students devised their “Life strategy” in five crucial areas: What to live for (choose your life mission), What to do (choose your career), What to learn (choose your education), Who to play with (choose your friends), and Who to love/ marry (choose your family)

Life management is a lifelong journey, yet “a journey of a thousand mile begins with a single step”. Thanks to the course, the students learned to make an action plan today and apply important choices in their daily life.

Participating in an exciting networking activity

One of the most interesting experiences in the course was the meeting with a special guest, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My – Program Director at Kidspire Vietnam (a not-for-profit educational organization for Vietnamese orphans). Ms. Nguyen is a devoted educator playing an important role in developing the curriculum at Kidspire to support orphans to believe in themselves and find their own passion. 

Meeting the guest speaker – Ms. Nguyen Thi Tra My, Program Diretor at Kidspire Vietnam

The real story of Ms. Nguyen’s journey of identifying her passion and overcoming difficulties helped the students have a clearer vision of the challenges that they might deal with in the future. They also shared their own concerns about choosing their directions and received advice from an experienced educator like Ms. Nguyen. 

The students started this course with uncertainties and after 2 full days together, they gained more thorough knowledge of self-leadership and life-management.

Phan Thu Ngan, a student at Marie Curie High School excitedly shared, “The program helps me open my mind as well as my heart. My most precious lesson is recognizing my own abilitiess and digging into more life values that I only had a glimpse of. I have been thinking a lot but cannot act. But after this course, I will try my best to fulfill my dreams.”

Phan Vinh Toan, a student at BVIS, was eager to add, “The most interesting thing in the course is I can find myself and my reasons for living. This will help me to “be myself”, not anybody else. I find the motivation in my daily life.” 

Do Hoang Phuong Quang, a student at Nang Khieu High School, happily told us, “I met some very unique and interesting friends for the first time. This can be the only chance in my life that I got to know them. I learned a lot from them.”

Dinh Duy Linh Dan, a student at Le Hong Phong High School, said, “I felt comfortable in this course knowing that my friends and I could be free to express our own ideas. At the end of this course, I have raised more questions for myself and the answers to my previous questions have started to appear. These new questions are like stepping stones for me to continue creating my life.”

Besides, Thai Nguyen Dang Khoa, another student of Le Hong Phong High school, remarked: “This is an exceptional program because, for the first time, I have understood more about myself, as well as the way to lead my own life and reach the success and happiness I desire.”

Especially, in the recap with the “Life Dream Project”, some parents attended and listened to their children’s presentations about themselves, their dreams and goals. 

Presenting Life Dream Project as a recap 

Mr. Le Huu Trong (father of Le Trong Nhan, a student at Tran Huu Trang High School), commented after joining the recap: “This is the very first time I have ever heard my child share his real thoughts and views. It helps me as a parent to realise his strengths and weaknesses to work with teachers to develop my child’s self-esteem and self-leadership competences. Not every parent can accompany their children throughout their life. Therefore, it is valuable when teachers at IRED can build a bridge for teens to integrate into the society independently.” 

Self-leadership for Teens” at PLEMS Education is an extra-curricular subject supporting teens to build a firm ground to be confident to lead themselves and own their future. 

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