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IRED Institute of Education recently held a seminar on “What education solutions for the period of standard disorder?”. Thereby, it suggested possible solutions in order to support students to determine standards to deal with the challenges in the digital era. 

Giải mã “loạn chuẩn” thời 4.0
Chủ trì tọa đàm “Giải pháp giáo dục nào cho thời loạn chuẩn”, nhà hoạt động giáo dục Giản Tư Trung (Viện trưởng Viện Giáo dục IRED) khẳng định thế mạnh của thời đại công nghệ 4.0 với sự bùng nổ về công nghệ, kinh tế. Tuy nhiên, ông cũng lưu ý vấn đề văn hóa thời đại 4.0 tồn tại nhiều thách thức đối với mọi giá trị, trong đó chuẩn mực bị đảo lộn, niềm tin bị đổ vỡ. Ví dụ như sự kiện gần đây nhất khi “nữ hoàng nội y” Ngọc Trinh diện bộ trang phục hở hang quá đà trên thảm đỏ liên hoan phim danh giá Cannes. Sự thách thức chuẩn mực về cái đẹp cũng như chuẩn mực của điện ảnh này khiến nhiều người phê phán, nhưng cũng có người cho rằng “chửi thì chửi miễn nổi tiếng là được”. Hay như nhân vật Khá (Khá Bảnh) trong một đoạn clip (phim ngắn Tình anh em - PV), sau khi ra tay nghĩa hiệp trả nợ cho đàn em thì tuyên bố phải đánh chủ nợ để “trả đũa”, do trước đó đàn em bị đánh vì đánh bài thua không có tiền trả nợ. Khi bên chủ nợ phản ứng cho rằng việc bị đánh sau khi trả nợ là không hợp lý thì Khá Bảnh khẳng định: “Xã hội này không có đúng sai, chỉ có kẻ yếu và kẻ mạnh, thế thôi!”. Chỉ sau vài ngày đăng tải, clip đã thu hút 25 triệu view, liệu rằng lời “đúc kết” tiêu cực của nhân vật này sẽ ảnh hưởng thế nào đối với người trẻ, nhất là thanh thiếu niên.

Decrypting “standard disorder” in the 4.0 era

Chairing the seminar, the educational activist Gian Tu Trung (President of IRED Institute of Education) commented on the advantages of the 4.0 digital era with the booming technology and economy. However, he also noted that culture in the 4.0 era faces the challenges in values, i.e., standards are turned upside down and beliefs are broken. For instance, in the latest news, Ngoc Trinh - “the lingerie queen” dressed an overly revealing outfit on the red carpet of the reputable Cannes Movie Festival. Criticism was leveled at this action, which went against standards of beauty and cinema; but some people think “who cares as long as I rise to fame”. Take another example, the character Kha (Kha Banh) in a short film named Brotherhood. After repaying the debt for his juniors, he declared that he had to hit the creditor for retaliation as his juniors were beaten when they lost in a gambling bet and could not afford to pay. When the creditor reacted that it was unreasonable, Kha Banh affirmed, “There is no right or wrong in this society. Only the weak and the strong exist. That’s it!”. After a few days of posting, the clip attracted 25 million views. So how has this character’s negative motto impacted the young generation, especially teenagers? 

According to the speaker Gian Tu Trung, the most obvious manifestation of  the “standard disorder” in today’s society is the confusion in distinguishing freedom from wildness, faith from superstition, honesty from shamelessness, individuality from mischievousness, and the like. The examples are advocating Kha Banh, obsessing with idols unconditionally, giving up examination to pick up K-pop idols, getting stabbed to death because of reminding others to comply with the traffic law, being unempathetic towards cruelty, being superstitious such as inviting the dead at Ba Vang pagoda, and committing school violence or a murder in Binh Duong. It is true that everyone has the right to freedom, but freedom does have its own limits. If we exceed the limits, we will be no longer free but “wild”. The limits lie in four respects: the law, morality, spiritual life and humans’ conscience. Therefore, when exceeding the limits of freedom, you step into the world of rebellion and wildness. Looking at the series of recent events and phenomena, it can be said there is no other era that parents and teachers face so many challenges in teaching children and students than the present.  

How can students determine standards? 

In response to parents and teachers’ concerns at the present, IRED Institution of Education has designed the liberal education program - PLEMS Education - based on internationally acclaimed scientific research and models. What does PLEMS stand for? This is an acronym of 5 words: Philosophy, Self-Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Mindfulness and Social-emotional learning. As a member of the execution team, Dr. Thai Huynh Anh Chi informed us that there are three PLEMS versions for three different age groups: PLEMS for Kids (for elementary schools), PLEMS for Teens (for junior high schools) and PLEMS for Teens (for senior high schools). 

To support the youth, especially teenagers know how to determine standards in the “standard disorder” era, the educational activist Gian Tu Trung believes that teachers and parents should first help them to redefine the core values and guide them with liberal education to gain a thorough understanding of themselves, others, and life. Accordingly, liberal education will contribute to developing the Whole Person, as well as assisting students in answering three questions “why to learn and learn for what”, “what to learn to reach their goals” and “how to learn”. To realize this mission, schools are recommended to develop extra-curricular liberal education programs for students together with the main curriculum at all levels. 


Bich Vân

Translated by IRED Institute of education

Published on Giao Duc Newspaper on May 23, 2019


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